Event Management

Art Event Management

I held an exhibition of my work at the SHED at the Whistle Art Stop in Haltwhistle for the whole of August 2016



Planning the exhibition: 

I had a mission to find a space for my exhibition. I had to agree a time and what days to be open and what time to be open till. I chose the SHED at the Whistle Art Stop and the month of August. I opened the exhibit on Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10 -4pm. The reason for choosing August was because it is a holiday period I hoped that might bring more people in.

Preparing the space: 

First thing was clearing the space; taking out all the things that I did not want in. I took out the pins and screws from previous art exhibits. Then I painted the walls where it needed covering. I brushed and mopped the floor.

Organising help:

There was a lot of work to do to sort the exhibition out. I got people to help me prepare the space. I got people to hang my pictures making sure that they were where I wanted them.

I arranged an opening day of the event and got a few people to help manage the visitors on the day, leaving me free to talk to people.

Choosing and hanging the exhibition:

Because the exhibition was for my Silver Arts Award I chose pictures that I had done during this time.  Obviously I could not use all my paintings so I chose my favourites and paintings that sat well together.  I also included some drawings and sketches that demonstrated the development of my paintings.

Advertising and Marketing:

So the first thing I did was to design a leaflet. To do this process I had to learn how to use Photoshop. I had to think about where to leave my flyers. I decided to leave the flyers reasonably local (20 miles radius). I put some posters on notice boards and asked shop keepers to place one in their windows.

I used social media to advertise. I put a picture of my flyer and some text about myself and the exhibit on Facebook. I encouraged people to put the word out about my exhibition.

The ‘Read Me’ publication wrote a piece on me and also published my event.