My Evaluation


How I monitored visitors:

I counted how many people came to the exhibition with clicker each day.  On the open day I got 70 people viewing my art. At the end on the month I had a total of 340 visitors.

How I got feedback:

I had a comment book for people to put an entry into. I got a lot of feedback by speaking to the visitors whilst they were looking at my work.

How I reported back: 

The Silver Arts Award is more about being a professional artist than just doing paintings. I wanted to become a professional artist.  I knew that this would mean that I would have to evaluate my own work and look at and critique other peoples art. I visited a lot of galleries and met with a lot of artists through the Whistle Art Stop.  Now whenever I go out I look for inspiration.

What I learned by putting on this exhibition:

I learnt that I needed more time to set it up. It was a struggle to get to there because public transport from home was not brilliant; it was an hour each way. I realised that I could not do it by myself. I needed help with things like hanging up pictures and getting a level.

I feel that I would like to use different size canvas for my next exhibit as  feel it has more impact.

I did a 16ft by 4ft panoramic for my exhibit. I found this quite difficult to do this.  I had never painted to this scale before and had never painted onto board before. I had to use brushes and sponges instead of just my fingers and I felt under pressure to get this ready for my exhibit. I also found it difficult to know when to stop.

What I could have improved on:

Some of my paintings warped. I will not use cheap canvases again. I know that I will need to manage my time better. I will have to put out advertisements earlier and give myself more time to put my exhibit together. The next time I do an exhibit I will advertise further afield.


BBC Look North interviewed me in May 2016 and I talked about my work.